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June 11, 2012

Montreal Madness

We left Antigonish fully recharged and ready to show the West the music that we have worked so hard to create. All was going well, and just as we got used to the whining of the car-top carrier whistling in air, we found ourselves on the side of the road just 30 minutes from Antigonish with four sheered-off lug nuts from one of our wheels.

We found ourselves playing cards and shooting the breeze with locals in a rural automotive repair shop for three or four hours while the van was being brought back to life in the dim cargo bar at the back of the shop.

After spending a good portion of the money we made from our shows on the previous weekend, and having our logistics thrown off for that day, we were back on the road to Montreal, which now felt like an unachievable oasis.

At about 3am, whilst battling fatigue, we pulled into Quebec City to stretch our legs and fight off mental demons. We walked around downtown and along the boardwalk by the Chateau Frontiac Hotel, and there was an eerie, but calming silence, as we appeared to be the only people around as the sun was rising, bringing light to the new day, and to us, the new leg of our tour.

That night, we played a show at a fairly new music venue called Jackie & Judy’s, appropriately named about a Ramones song. Despite being at the very end of Parc Avenue, we had a great show with two local acts, Les Monstres Terrible and The Archery Guild.

Our second show in Montreal was in the heart of the night life scene in the middle of St. Denis. We got to L’Absynthe Bar early to replace drum skins, fix guitar pedals, and take in the all the excitement that was going on in the streets just outside the venue. While the rest of the band went back to the hotel to change and run a couple errands, I stayed behind and talked with the opening bands about what they thought about the protests going on in the city at the time. They all beamed with confidence as they described their optimism for their social movement. Just as we were standing on the sidewalk outside of the venue, you could hear the distant clanging of pots and pans, and just about anything that made noise.

Just then, I got a text from the rest of the band saying they are trying to thread their way through crowds of people and gridlocked traffic due to what appeared to be the formation of another protest.

Within three or four minutes of that, all of St. Denis and what appeared to be a couple streets on either side, was swept by a wave of thousands of people through the streets, chanting and banging their make-shift drums. I can only describe what was going on as something you would see in a movie, with the flashing police lights reflecting off windows and buildings, and helicopters circling overhead with spot lights shining through the now slightly raining night sky.

And just like that, after ten minutes of chanting and banging and sirens and marching, the peaceful protest was over, and St. Denis was back to normal, as if nothing happened just ten minutes prior.

At this point, the first band, Lily of the Valley had taken to the stage for their first full band show. They were incredibly confident, and breezed through their set as if they had done it a thousand times.

The second band, Play Audio hit the stage next, and played a great show, controlling their energy perfectly with a combination of hard hitting rock songs and softer ballads, as if they could read the crowd and know exactly what they wanted to hear.

We played the last set of the night, and were surprised that most people stayed to listen to us. The crowd was not up and dancing like they do at many of our shows back home, but were rather watching attentively and were active during banter between songs, making it seem like more of a performance, than just music to move to, which was a very nice change of pace.

IMG 124312 e1340477262612 768x1024 Montreal Madness

After playing what we thought was a great show, we hung around the bar afterwards and chatted with friends, the other bands, and new fans that were interested in hearing about the East Coast. We left L’Absynthe Bar feeling incredibly satisfied with our performance, and having met such great new friends and fans.

Right now, we are on the 401 to Toronto to take on another new adventure to play a few shows and share our music with new ears. We play tonight at Rancho Relaxo on College St., and are excited to be playing at the same venue that we played our first ever show in Toronto just over a year ago.

There is something about the electricity in the air in Toronto that makes our already fatigued bodies charged up and ready to take on the next leg of the tour.

Stay tuned for another update soon.



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May 31, 2012

#1 Fan

Sam Macfarlane sporting her custom Mad Chatter tank!

Sam Front #1 Fan

Sam Back #1 Fan

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May 30, 2012

And so the tour begins!

After many weeks and months of planning, Mad Chatter is heading out tomorrow on a month-long tour across the country! Leaving from Antigonish, we are heading out to give it our all night after night for the entire month of June. The first show is tomorrow night at Gus’ Pub in downtown Halifax. We can’t wait for our first chance to play the set we’ve been practising for weeks. Gus’ Pub is always a great time and we’d love to see you there (Minibeers are a must). We will be joined by The Sweet Deals and our great friends Pioneer Video so come out early.
The next night is the hometown show at Chuggles’ in Antigonish. The boys from the Fourth Well will be playing the show too so you know it’s gonna be one helluva party! Last time we both played it hit capacity before midnight, so again, you’re gonna wanna get in the door early. For a little taste of what to expect, check out the video full of live footage from Chuggles’ on the site and on our YouTube channel.
Finally, before taking off to Montreal we will be playing at Governor’s in Sydney. This venue is sick and promises to fill up quick because we have locals Back Pocket Material and Dave Sampson playing the show as well. If your in the area come by and check it out!
To enhance the incredible excitement even further, for these first three shows we have Emily Burns joining us on her cello for a bunch of tunes. It is not something you want to miss, trust us…
We’ll check-in again when we are on the road to Quebec. Until then, keep on rockin’ out and stay tuned for a bunch of new merch and videos to come. Live long and prosper.

Mad Chatter from the FD

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