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May 30, 2012

And so the tour begins!

After many weeks and months of planning, Mad Chatter is heading out tomorrow on a month-long tour across the country! Leaving from Antigonish, we are heading out to give it our all night after night for the entire month of June. The first show is tomorrow night at Gus’ Pub in downtown Halifax. We can’t wait for our first chance to play the set we’ve been practising for weeks. Gus’ Pub is always a great time and we’d love to see you there (Minibeers are a must). We will be joined by The Sweet Deals and our great friends Pioneer Video so come out early.
The next night is the hometown show at Chuggles’ in Antigonish. The boys from the Fourth Well will be playing the show too so you know it’s gonna be one helluva party! Last time we both played it hit capacity before midnight, so again, you’re gonna wanna get in the door early. For a little taste of what to expect, check out the video full of live footage from Chuggles’ on the site and on our YouTube channel.
Finally, before taking off to Montreal we will be playing at Governor’s in Sydney. This venue is sick and promises to fill up quick because we have locals Back Pocket Material and Dave Sampson playing the show as well. If your in the area come by and check it out!
To enhance the incredible excitement even further, for these first three shows we have Emily Burns joining us on her cello for a bunch of tunes. It is not something you want to miss, trust us…
We’ll check-in again when we are on the road to Quebec. Until then, keep on rockin’ out and stay tuned for a bunch of new merch and videos to come. Live long and prosper.

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