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June 15, 2012

Onward Ottawa!

After a successful few days in Toronto, we were making our way back East. But first, Ottawa! When we were in Ottawa last year, we kind of had a rough go. We played on a Monday and Tuesday night, and the shows only got confirmed a couple days prior, leaving no time to advertise. We were determined to not let that happen again.

We were lucky enough to get a show at the Rainbow Bistro, and were super excited to play on the epic stage (look it up, it’s awesome). We were the opening band tonight, so it was a little easier for us because we didn’t need to lug all of our stuff in for once. While we were waiting for the main act, we hung around, drank some coffee and played some pool. After about 3 fresh pots and about 9:30pm on the clock, we were starting to wonder where the other band is. The music is scheduled to start at 10pm. The sound guy kept assuring us this happens all the time, and don’t sweat it.

The time came where we felt the other band was going to be a no show. This was bad for us. We were relying on them to do all the advertising. We were wondering if it was even going to be worth it to play. We decided to go ahead and play anyway. We lugged all our stuff upstairs, had a quick sound check and were now promoted to the main act. There were not many people there, granted we were not surprised for the show not being advertised. Oddly enough, the show went really well. The people that were there were glad to watch us, and there were a lot of conversations between songs that kept everyone engaged. We played a longer than normal set, playing quite a few songs that we didn’t really rehearse. All and all, I think we ended up even steven for the night. A little poorer than normal, but we made some fans, and made a good impression. It can only go up from there next time, right?

The next night we played at Zaphod’s, where we played our first show in the city the year before. We played with a great girl band, Fliss. They were awesome. Check them out. After we finished our set, we were really ready for bed. The tour so far has been pretty tiring. Tonight however, we shall get no sleep. We had to drive straight back to Antigonish to drop Lee off before we head down to the states. The next 8 hours were a total blur. I can’t even remember who was driving. The blazing sun filled the rolling heat box of a van so we could no longer sleep. We were in northern New Brunswick and felt like we were in the desert. We feared the nearing Tim Hortons was just an oasis to our weary eyes. It was, in fact a real Tim Hortons. Driving through New Brunswick is hard enough in the best of conditions. I don’t know how we made it home. I honestly don’t… we arrived home at at 6pm. Success.. now we just have to drive to Boston in 12 hours.. Awesome…

Stay tuned for an update…if we ever make it back.


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