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» THE BAND Mad Chatter

Fresh out of the Studio. Give it a listen!



Alex Girroir – Vocals / Guitars / Synth

Julian Cameron – Bass

Josh Dunbar – Drums

Lee MacDonald – Vocals / Guitars

Devin Delaney – Synth

Individually,  the members of Mad Chatter have been playing music for years. After having each played in countless bands and projects, each of the five members came together to make the group what it is today. The band first began in early 2009 when old friends Alex Girrior and Julian Cameron began jamming with drummer Josh “Drumbar”  in the basement of his home in PurlBrook, Antigonish county.

The trio (originally called “Doctorman”) initially based their sound heavily on the upbeat East Coast jam-band and dance music scene, utilizing a repertoire of fat disco-esque grooves infused with rock. The band’s style vigorously grew over time, deriving elements from both electronic and pop music; ultimately combining with the initial dance-rock influence. Not being able to properly re-create the complexity and depth of their studio recordings, members Lee MacDonald and Devin Delaney were added to the live performances in 2012.

Mad Chatter has played at a vast variety of venues, and always succeeds in engaging the crowd and getting bodies moving on the dance floor. The boys recently recorded their first EP, titled “Suits”, and are engaging in a month-long tour throughout Canada in June 2012 to promote the album and share their music with music lovers far and near.

Stay tuned for more info about future releases, live shows, and other news!